Digitaalisen markkinoinnin katsaus 2015-12-13 – 2015-12-19

  • The Only Way To Be Successful At SEO: Take A Holistic Approach https://t.co/HmX8Gty8qp ->
  • How to Figure Out What Keywords Your Potential Customers are Using https://t.co/47mLczdcN3 ->
  • 4 Big Brand Commercial Campaigns to Learn From https://t.co/3mUcrSHKZN ->
  • 11 pivotal social media trends for 2016 https://t.co/TcZ9g3cAjp ->
  • 13 Tried-and-True Lead Generation Ideas (And the Numbers Behind Them) https://t.co/D9TivVyBXo ->
  • SEO Split-Testing: How to A/B Test Changes for&nbspGoogle https://t.co/t6cUaNjFFs ->
  • 5 Things New Advertisers Need to Know About Google AdWords Campaign Settings https://t.co/043Bxy3PvN ->
  • Content marketing for tattoo studio? Inspiring art and photos? Guide for Your first tattoo? #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Inspire people with your design product in SoMe, like pinterest and marketplaces like Etsy #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Difficult to market unique design product in search engines, because people do not know the words to use in search #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Tourism marketing can utilize country portals and travel-spesific social media like review sites (Tripadvisor) #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Using entertaining content is rarely seen in B2B-marketing. It could be differentiating, but humour is also risky #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Mass-customization tools like Design your own house interest people and help collect leads #dcmc_tornio ->
  • User onboarding should easy and risk-free for web apps. Engage with event-based email marketing. #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Social media is a key marketing tool, but how to get followers? #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Content marketing for freelance photography: tips, courses, cc licenced content in blog or newsletter #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Identifying influencers is important, but who are they eg. in finnish real estate business? #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Content marketing for law firms – give free advice on contractual issues etc. Use blog and newsletter #dcmc_tornio ->
  • Interesting chinese sites: kina.cc, taobao, youku #dcmc_tornio ->
  • small companies may not be using analytics at all #dcmc_tornio ->

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